A business-driven approach to software.

We believe quality software starts with a deep understanding of your business needs and challenges.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

If you are struggling with delayed or deficient software, deciding (or migrating) between open source and proprietary solutions, productizing internal software, or standing up a development infrastructure then we can help.

The Digital Abstraction Approach

We start by understanding your desired business outcomes and the current state of the project. Then we build a plan from there. You can choose to have us consult, build custom software or work with your team to get your solution running.

  • Get an unbiased recommendation from technology-agnostic developers.
  • Have an expert "translator" on your side when migrating between solutions.
  • Understand the unique challenges of converting internal software into an external product.
  • Watch productivity and reliability increase as we help you build a strong development infrastructure.

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Career Opportunities

We are looking to hire people who are passionate about learning, and who understand that quality work is the foundation of our brand. As part of our team you'll help us build elegant, easy-to-maintain software that directly expresses our clients' business needs.

If you like offering suggestions, teaching and learning from coworkers, and working with the latest technologies and architectures then please contact Digital Abstraction using the form below.

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